Then they Hei Hu League’s first 1 million vanguard cavalry troops chased and killed teams of China players like hunting ice and snow, Mountain hare ice fox. They passed through the thick snow of the local ice sheet, where prostrate bodies were trampled to pieces …

This scene is like falling into Ri Port and Kamikaze Plain, but the slaughtered object has become a China player.
The Indian army relied on its strong military superiority and integrated the whole Indian J ○ ng British force to prance on the ice sheet.
They don’t bother to hide their strategic goals at all. More than 10 million players are pushing forward in the vast ice field as if to announce to the world that they always want to take the glacier fortress with all their might.
With a series of videos being replaced by China players in the forum, Ri has become a mockery of the water forces of various countries.
Indian players who believe that they are proud and ashamed of the past are posting directly in the forum Gai Lou, shouting out the words of the three-day demise of Snow Silver City and Razer City for their army.
So the official website Forum was once again detonated with all kinds of saliva, all kinds of insults, all kinds of black indignation, and it was difficult to level China players. Qi Qi pointed his finger at the three major forces, namely, the Wangtu hegemony stationed in the Snow Castle, the spirit of war League and the Iron and Blood League.
If it weren’t for Fengshen Tian and Zen Soul Wounds, these bosses were eager for success, and they would never have lost J and jīng Rui from the ice castle. The defenders of the ice castle would never have lost so quickly, and they would never have lost so embarrassed.
These are all unilateral speculations about what the facts are, and there is no chance to verify them.
That’s how the war is lost. It’s never been lost. If you assume, for example, these statements,
Just as the angry Chinese people are preparing to organize a group to spit out the gods of the wind and the souls of the war, another bad news has spread all over the eternal world and forums like a thunderbolt.
The three major forces, namely, the King of Indonesia, the spirit of war League and the Iron-Blood Alliance, led a total of 6.1 million lines, and the second-line J Ο ng Britain was being besieged by more than 9 million J Ο ng English in the United States and Indonesia in the Telin wasteland where Heihe City was located in Indonesia.
In the battle synchronization video, Heihe City stands tall like a mountain, and the blue sky and black soil bodies are everywhere outside the city.
Tens of millions of China players have been constantly divided, surrounded and annihilated by the US-Indonesian Coalition forces.
Compared with the huge battle scene in the Tehrin wasteland of the one-sided butchered city, it is not embarrassing. The players belonging to Wangtu hegemony, spirit of war League and Iron and Blood Major League China held out for at least an hour before they were partially defeated in the face of sudden siege.
Then the rout front spread rapidly and collapsed in a straight line. There was a long time ago to guard against the US-Indonesian Coalition forces encircling the whole forest wasteland, shrinking like a storm and sweeping from all directions to the center. China players died at an amazing speed along the way, and it was impossible to even seek a breakthrough.
The scene is not ugly, but relatively speaking, this 6 million army is equivalent to two-thirds J and jīng sharp force in Snowstorm Silver City. They are a powerful guarantee for the real backbone in the strategic deployment against the Indian army.
No one thought that although surrounded by encirclement and suppression, J and NG English were so defeated by J and NG English.
Snow Castle fell, retreated to Snow Silver City, and the retreat was cut off. Even if they can break through the siege, they can still face being hunted to death.
"We lost."
The battlefield zhōng yāng is bullying, with his back to Fengshen, overlooking the wheat waves and generally lodging in China. The player’s voice is so desolate.
"I should listen to you"
After this great change, Fengshen didn’t scream and make a determined effort as usual. Instead, he calmly came face to face with a cold wind wrapped in strong blood gas, stabbing his nose and hurting his eyes.
To that proud and conceited eye, all the fengshen days disappeared. He looked at the guilds, J and NG Ying, who were constantly being torn apart by the enemy’s charge. He looked at the sky flying with flesh and blood, and the flag was kicked down side by side. Tears gradually blurred his sight.
"It’s my fault. I ruined Wang Tu’s hegemony and ruined Snowstorm Silver City."
Feng Shentian’s abnormality made bullying not stunned. He shook his head. "It’s not the United States that is the biggest variable through Indonesia. We are trying to change it. Even if we are United with J and NG Dance Gate and Tieqi League to stick to the ice castle and glacier fortress, we still can’t stop India, Indonesia and the United States. Snow Silver City will die …"
"Snow Silver City is dead, and Wang Tu thinks it will be dead. This may be the last battle for Wang Tu thinks it will be …" Fengshen’s face was full of tears.
"We can start all over again, and it’s not that we haven’t been defeated. You forget that we were torn apart by the gods with less than 200,000 core J and NG English left, but we haven’t risen as usual. Now Wang Tu thinks that it is still the largest and strongest guild in Snow Silver City." Bullying and sinking way
"There are some things you don’t understand. The family can’t give me another chance. I can make them lose confidence. In fact, I lost from the day I opposed the gods." Fengshen said with a wry smile. "Let’s fight. Even if our army is wiped out, we must tear them a piece of meat. Killing a J and jīng dancer and fighters will reduce the pressure."
At the key moment, Fengshen Tian showed a rare will to die at first sight. Unfortunately, the defeat was overwhelming. All the determination and morale in the United States and Indonesia Coalition forces were in vain …
Chapter ninety-seven Crisis
The main force of the American District Guild launched the sudden incident of the Silver City War through Indonesia, which surprised all players.
Once the news shocked the whole world!
You know, the United States has always been a virtual competitive superpower, with many great gods and top players everywhere, while the Indian region is a virtual power in China, and its huge player base is even more than that of China.
Not to mention Indonesia’s average strength may be average, but its comprehensive strength is not much better than that of Japan and South Korea.
This shows how horrible these three virtual world superpowers are when they unite.
In the face of the capture of the three main cities in China, Snowstorm Silver City, it seems that there is still time left. At this point, the views of all countries in the world are surprisingly consistent, and even most China players are not optimistic about the situation of the national war in Snowstorm Silver City.
They don’t recognize that after the collapse of the three elite forces, namely, Wangtu hegemony, spirit of war League and Iron-Blood League, the three countries’ allied forces with a total strength of 20 million can be blocked only by Jingwumen and Tieqi League.
Of course, there are also many players who don’t believe that Snowstorm Silver City will definitely fall. They pin their hopes on the two major guilds, the myth of Huaxia King City and the gods of Leize City.
Now that the strategic objectives of the United States, India and Indonesia have become obvious, it takes brain cells to speculate that India will attack the United States and Indonesia and unexpectedly encircle the three southern conquering forces in Snowstorm Silver City. When these six million elites are wiped out, the United States and Indonesia will immediately cross the border and join forces with India.
At that time, the allied forces of the three countries will be strong all the way to the north, and take the Snow Silver City. This foundation can cross the frozen canyon to the east and reach the hinterland of Leize City to the north, and can cross the forest cold tundra and directly attack the Huaxia City. The two main cities, Raytheon Fortress and Dragon Fortress, will lose their strategic significance because of the fall of Snow Silver City, and the defense doors of Leize City and Huaxia City will be opened accordingly.
These problems are almost obvious at a glance, but everyone knows that if you are not an idiot, your lips will die and your teeth will be cold.
However, they don’t know how to understand it, but they don’t have to carry it out. This is a war. What they see is superficial factors, and what they see is undercurrent. Can they spy?
How could they possibly know that the United States dared to attack Snowstorm Silver City precisely because of the agreement reached by Qin Shiyue, Gao Fushuai, California, who caught a glimpse at the Razer City auction without resorting to paper?
Huaxia city will send reinforcements, but there can never be myths in these reinforcements.
Snow, silver city, south gate tower, a pretty figure stands by the sword, she looks far south, the cold wind blows her soft hair, and her delicate and beautiful cheeks ache faintly.
"Tuoba evil is really selling the snow silver city to Qin Shiyue and Indra Day!"